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Celeste Kellogg
Saturday, August 14, 2021

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Her current project and debut single “Country Swagger” from her album You & Me, charted on the iTunes Country Chart and Music Row chart taking the singer’s career to new heights.

Looking at her portfolio, it's apparent that her career thus far has been quite an adventure. From songwriting to singing to acting, Celeste Kellogg has proven she can hold her own among the most seasoned artists. Her songwriting abilities accelerated her desire to pursue music.

The songstress was honored at the opportunity to share her work on a Nashville stage along with famed songwriters Wynn Varble, Dave Berg and Pat Alger. The songwriting trio was impressed with her performance and the strength of their words gave her the confirmation she needed to know that music would be the right journey for her. The experience has been one of the highlights of her career.

With the exception of the guitar lick in “Country Swagger,” Celeste wrote the entire album and with that came new and exciting opportunities. The music video for “Country Swagger” was partially filmed on the Battleship USS Wisconsin on their 74th birthday and partially on a ranch where beautiful horses roam the countryside. It was important to her to represent both her love for the country life and the military.

“It’s something I’m SO PROUD of in so many ways,” the singer says. “It represents my values and exactly who I am.”  

Growing up in a small town in Hampton Roads, Virginia, the area is known for their representations of all the military branches. It is not uncommon to be looking at cotton fields while watching fighter jets fly overhead.

The success of the song on Country Radio, lead “Country Swagger” to chart on the Music Row Charts. It also caught the attention of CMT who featured the video on the front page of their website.

A true vocal stylist, she instinctively knows how to interpret a song. While skills can be developed, its obvious Celeste inherited skills that are an integral part of her family's DNA.

She was blessed with moves and natural charm from her mother, Nonie, a former professional dance choreographer. Growing up, they spent many hours dancing to Gloria Estefan and Elvis. Her voice and music ability is a genetic gift from her father, Carl, a musician (trumpet) with the country tone of Alan Jackson. He would sing her to sleep at night with songs from James Taylor to the Eagles to Alabama (still her all time favorite group).

These diverse influences shaped her path in music and served as a foundation as she honed her skills as an artist and styled her own sound.

She found her voice at an early age.

Performing for family, friends, in church and school choir, Celeste was transformed by the way her singing moved the audience.

“In my younger years, I was straight up Brittney Spears, Shania Twain and Cher,” she boost. “I absolutely loved Cher and I had her “Farewell Tour” on DVD and I would perform along with her and every time she would change an outfit, which was often, I would go and change into another dance costume — that’s how I learned.”


While her parents inspired her to work hard and reach for the sky, the dream was her creation. They not only allowed her to pursue it, they are instrumental in helping her realize it.

Her amazing energy and mental focus gave heart to master something more and Celeste recognized that while singing

or writing — something within takes over.

In the entertainment world it’s called stardom.

At age 12 she caught her first break as a member of Radio Disney's RD7. While touring with RD7, she opened for artists like Miley Cyrus, Raven Symone, and The Jonas Brothers. The multi-talented Celeste went on to penned more than a dozen songs, appeared in a music video for her song "My Jeans," and landed a lead role in an independent film called “Much Ado About Middle School,” directed by Grammy nominated and Dove Award winning musician/producer Dave Moody.

Kellogg plays a lead role in the movie (her music was featured on the soundtrack) and she was blessed with the opportunity to perform with legendary actors Bill Cobbs and Lee Meriwether. Filmed in Nashville, the movie also starred teen heartthrob Blake Michael (best known for his leading roles in Disney's Dog With a Blog and Lemonade Mouth).

After the movie Celeste was chosen (yes, you have to be chosen) to attend the School of Pop in Burbank, California. While attending, she had the good fortune of meeting multi-platinum producer Andrew Lane. In conversation, he advised her that Nashville was the place to record because that is where real music is made. After watching and hearing Celeste perform, Lane asked to meet her management. He advised them that she had great potential and expressed an interest in working with her. She was 14.

From there it’s has been life in the fast lane for the multifaceted performer.

While acting brought her to Music City, it wasn’t long before Nashville took notice of her skills as a singer/musician. In 2012, she returns to Nashville to work on her debut “This Is Where I Wanna Be.” Shortly after, I Heart Radio selected her as an “Artist to Watch” and Pop Star Magazine featured her in their print edition on multiple occasions (the only other country artist featured in the teen magazine at the time was Taylor Swift

Her first time working in a Nashville recording studio was a little overwhelming but truly another defining moment in her career.

“Being able to work with musicians who were playing songs I wrote was pretty cool,” she says. “They were the most amazing musicians.” And she admits, “Just being able to hear songs I had written in my room with my guitar come to life — I cried every single time.”

The last few years have proven exceptional for the singer, taking honors as Josie Music Awards “Female Entertainer of The Year” two years in a row. She performed and presented at the world famous Wildhorse Saloon for the Nashville Universe Awards taking home “Rising Star of the Year." The following year she won Nashville Universe’s “Female Artist of the year. “

While she has been honored with acting opportunities her love has always been and remains in music and she has continues to receives accolades from the industry

At a music workshop by Linda Davis, where Celeste performed her original song at the Listening Room, Linda remarked, “Celeste you are the Shania of this generation.”

Nashville-based WSM Radio asked her to perform at Café Lulua in the Ryman Auditorium. Her voice was being broadcast across the airways while she performed before a packed room — where she received her first standing ovation. It was again a defining moment in her career.

Celeste keeps it all in stride.

Not one to rest on her laurels, when not working on her music career, Celeste spends time with her “Don’t Fuel Their Fire” (DFTF) program, a school program where she talks to students about bullying. To-date Celeste has spoken to over 95,000 students. After one of her talks, she received a phone call from one of the organizers who informed her “a student had come forward and asked for help because they had been considering suicide.”

It filled her heart to know she may have been the first step in getting them help and preventing a suicide. She was grateful, “I love when my voice gives me a voice.”

After all, it keeps her grounded and reminds her of challenges she overcame in highs school to pursue her own dream — singing.

That dream is still being realized.

On the heals of “Country Swagger,” the singer/songwriter is set to release her summer single to radio titled “There’s A Beach Somewhere” from album Keep It On Repeat due out in the fall. The song is co-written by Celeste and CCMA Songwriter of the Year Aaron Goodvin. The two met at a venue they were both performing and agreed to write together.

When Aaron asked Celeste, “What do you want to write about?”

Celeste smiled and said, “a beach somewhere.”

He returned the smile and replied, “I think we have our title.”



What’s next for the songstress?

• May 3 | "There's A Beach Somewhere" Release | Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Music, Pandora.

• May 6 | Film Music Video | "There's A Beach Somewhere" | Longboat Key Club and Resort, Florida.

• May 27 | Country Radio Release | "There's A Beach Somewhere"

• June | Video release

• June 6th | 3PM | Featured performer | The Stillery | CMA Fest

• June 8 | Headliner | Century 21 Top Producers in Virginia Beach | Celebration of Heroes.

• June 14 | Featured performer | The Standing Sun Winery Buellton |Santa Barbara | KRAZ Country105.9

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