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Chase McDaniel
Saturday, August 12 @ 9pm


Chase McDaniel was raised by grandparents in Kentucky with traditional family values and old school country music. He was taught to bet on himself and that, paired with his rich baritone voice. All of that comes together as his latest song debuts #1 on the country single charts and #4 all genres chart, an unprecedented feat for an independent artist. 


Having some tough times early on, the music of George Jones, Johnny Cash, and Conway Twitty, and family who loved singing gospel, resonated with Chase developed a bit of an old soul when it comes to music. He started performing doing covers of Johnny Cash and started developing his own voice too. 


Like many other musicians, he eventually made his way to Nashville. But with the pandemic and out of work, he was down to his last $12 and ready to pack up and head home when a friend loaned him money to stay a couple more weeks. Luck struck as one of the 50 restaurants offered him a job. He gave this shot everything he had — working double shifts, sleeping as little as four hours and writing and recording with his producer and best friend Jerry Jacobs every other minute of the day. 


What he’s developed — the sound, work ethic, and more are all uniquely his own as Chase is a true independent artist. He released his first song “Relapse” online garnering over 2 million streams without any “playlisting” or other help. His follow-up “Project,” also released without industry hype has reached the top of the charts thanks to his rabid fan base. “Project” had over 1.2 million streams in just the first week! 


It’s clear that Chase McDaniel blends old and new to deliver something incredibly unique and listeners can’t get enough of it!

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