Kids Corner



Entry Deadline-August 1, 2021 | $10 Entry Fee | Maximum 30 Participants


  1. Any regular electric Power Wheel is allowed. NO 4-wheeler or tractor type vehicle allowed. Child’s legs must be in the compartment. Ride in not ride on!

  2. Kids 2-9 years of age may participate. There will be 2 different age groups 2-3 and 4-7 year olds

  3. SAFETY-Helmets must be worn. A bicycle helmet is ok. Seatbelts are recommended. NO PASSENGERS

  4. Derby is limited to 6 or 12-volt power wheel only.

  5. All doors and tailgates must be strapped shut. No sharp edges. (zip ties, duct tape or other flexible product) Alterations to vehicles: a. Tires-stock only. May cover with duct tape to prevent cracking or breaking. No screws in tires, no chains, etc… b. Motors must remain stock. *Batteries may be changed out NOTHING larger than a 12 volt lawn and garden battery. ABSOLUTELY NO CAR BATTERIES c. Decorative changes can be made to the Power Wheel to make it look like a derby car, however; there can be no reinforcement added. Changes and additions are only decorative.

  6. At all times remember this is for kids!! Don’t add something that could cause them not to be in the derby. You could have a disappointed child if not allowed to run.

  7. Entries are to be checked-in the morning of the Derby from 10-11am . Vehicles will be impounded until event time. Bring cars to the Entertainment Pavilion near Gate A.

  8. Balloons will be attached to the vehicle by a fair committee member. The object is to pop balloons. The last one left with a balloon is the winner. There will be a time limit for each group, if there is more than 1 contestant with balloons not popped it will be declared a tie.

  9. If a child gets out of the power wheel during the event, that child is out of the event.

  10. Everyone must pre-register; there are a limited number of entries being accepted.

Questions??? Contact Ashley Busch – or 1-434-660-4320

Parent/Legal Guardian Name:______________________________________________ Telephone:_____________________
Child’s Name:____________________________________ Age (as of August 14, 2021):_________

By checking this box and signing below, I give permission for any pictures taken during the contest to be used for promotional purposes, including, but not limited to: Sending to the press for publication and posting on Facebook.
By checking this box and singing below, I have read and agree to abide by the above stated rules. I understand that driving in a demolition derby is DANGERIOUS. I agree to assume these risks and hold harmless the Franklin-Southampton County Fair.
Signature:____________________________________ Date:__________________
Send registration form and entry fee to: Franklin-Southampton County Fair P.O. Box 640 Courtland, VA 23837
Please email, call, or text the above contact when mailing in form. Cannot guarantee shirts for late entries.
First come first serve on registration. Again, spots are limited.