About Us

 2021 Board of Directors 

  • Ashley Bush

  • Rubin Byrum

  • Spring Byrum- Treasure

  • Jennifer Cuthbertson

  • Will Drewery

  • Cecil Edwards

  • Beth Francis

  • Becca Hart

  • Will Hart 

  • Sandra Heeren  

  • Josh Holland

  • Daniel Johnson

  • Bill Jarratt - Vice President

  • Peggy Jones

  • Glenn Joyner – President

  • Janet Joyner

  • Jennifer Joyner

  • Adam Olson

  • Barbette Porter

  • Dale Spivey

  • Mike Spivey

  • Pete Twisdale

  • Cheslea Twisdale

  • Jennifer Vincent

  • LeeAnn Williams

  • Renee Wrenn - Secretary

  • Walter Young, Jr.

 2021 Committee Chairpersons 

Antique Tractors and Machinery

Arts & Crafts Exhibit Booths

Beer Sales

Commercial Exhibit Booths

Cornhole/Horseshoe Tournament

Dog Show

Educational Exhibit Booths

Food Concessions


Health and Safety

Hog Calling

Home Arts Department


Kid's Day

Little-Miss Pageant




Pig Kissing


Queen’s Contest

Talent Show

Tickets/Gate Admissions

Tiny Tots Contest

Watermelon Eating Contest

Tommy Lowe

Becca Hart

Rubin Byrum

Becca Hart

Rubin Byrum

Renee Wrenn

Becca Hart

Bull Johnson

Will Drewry and Barbette Porter

Will Drewry

Barbette Porter

Holley Inman

Neil Clark

Ashley Bush

Janet Joyner and Renee Wrenn

Jennifer Vincent & Walter Young, Jr.

Bill Jarratt

Janet Joyner

Walter Young, Jr.

Janet Joyner

Cecil Edwards

Mike Spivey 

Jennifer Joyner and Janet Joyner

Beth Francis