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Fair Rules and Regulations


  1. Entries are welcome from the City of Franklin, Southampton County, and adjacent Virginia Cities and Counties.

  2. PRE-REGISTRATION of entries is strongly suggested. The official registration blank or a reasonable facsimile will be accepted through August 1, 2022.

  3. Exhibitors may enter only one article per class, but may enter as many classes as desired.

  4. No article will be accepted unless it has a class listed for it in the premium book. Articles entered in the miscellaneous, other, or exhibitors choice must not fit in any class listed elsewhere in the premium book. (Give a description of these classes on the entry form)

  5. The exhibitors are solely responsible for deciding the proper class for the entry; entries improperly classified will not be changed or judged. We reserve the right to accept or refuse an exhibit

  6. Exhibits must be made or grown since August 14, 2021, by the person entering the exhibit.

  7. Where any conflicts occur between these general rules and the special rules governing the different departments, the special rule will take precedence. The Fair Board reserves the right to determine all matters and difference in regard thereto including amendments.

  8. The decision of the judges will be final.

  9. No admission passes will be issued to exhibitors competing for prize money.

  10. Exhibits may not be removed until after 10pm on Saturday, August 13, 2022 and between 10am and 2pm on Sunday, August 14, 2022.

  11. Premiums on all exhibits will be paid on Saturday, August 13, 2022 after 10pm and Sunday, August 14, 2021 between 10am and 2pm.

  12. The stub from the exhibit tag must be presented to redeem the cash premium.

  13. Articles and/or premium money not picked up by 2pm on Sunday, August 14, 2022 will be moved to the Southampton County Extension Office, Courtland, and kept for a limited time. After that time, the appropriate disposal will be made. Premiums will not be mailed unless a mistake has been made by the fair administration.

  14. The Fair Board will not be responsible for any accident or injury to the person or property of any exhibitor, spectator, attendant, or any other person. The exhibitor agrees to indemnify the Fair Board against any claim or liability for damage by him or his animal.

  15. Any insurance desired on any entry or animal must be acquired by the exhibitor.

  16. Entries will be accepted in each department on a first come basis. The exhibitor will be advised of all spaces have been assigned prior the receipt of any entry. The chairperson in charge will assign space.

  17. All articles received will be entirely under the control and jurisdiction of the management of the Fair. No exhibitor will be allowed to remove, handle, or rearrange the exhibit.

  18. The right is reserved by the Fair Board to withhold the prizes awarded in every case in which it appears the regulations set forth have not been complied with, or that fraud or deception has been attempted, or where the article or animal is not worthy. The Fair Board’s decision will be final and binding on all parties.

  19. If it is ascertained by any exhibitor, in any ungentlemanly manner, refuses to comply with the regulations set forth by the Fair Board, and has taken exception to the judgment of a judge or any awarding committee, the Board of Directors shall bar the person so offending from the competition for a premium or exhibiting on the grounds of the Fair until he shall be made proper amends and has been reinstated by a vote of majority from the Board of Directors.

  20. If it is ascertained that an exhibitor or person associated with an exhibitor has made or caused to make a false statement in regard to any animal or articles exhibited, or if the exhibitor shall attempt to interfere with the judges in the performance of their duties, the exhibit shall be excluded from competing or from exhibition on the grounds of the Fair.


(Note Carefully)

In the event of circumstances beyond the Fair Boards control occur and disrupt the planned schedule as to necessitate curtailment of activities and operation, the Fair Board reserves the right and the exhibitor agrees, to pro-rate premium and prize monies herein cataloged on a basis of actual conditions existing from such causes during the period of the Fair. Premiums and prizes are paid ONLY for awards made by judges as they appear on the signed judge’s sheet and cards of record and NOT from ribbons attached to the exhibit, unofficial newspaper reports, or other listings. This rule is strictly enforced due to the fact that the judge’s reports are the only official reports of the correct awards. Ribbons may be misplaced or tampered with and newspaper listings may be incorrect.


Should any doubt arise as to the regularity of an entry, or any other important matter, which the judge feels incompetent to decide, he shall at once report it to the Chairman of the department who shall in turn, bring the matter to the attention of the President.  No one will be allowed to act as a judge in a department or ring in which he exhibits.  All judges will be selected for their known familiarity with the classes on which they are invited to award premiums, and are instructed that if they shall have good reasons to believe that any exhibitor, be false entry or otherwise, attempts to deceive the judges or the public and obtain a premium by misrepresentation, they shall report the fact at once to the Chairman of the department, who shall report the matter at once to the President for action by the Board of Directors.  The decision of awarding judges shall be final and no appeal shall be considered except in the case of protest.

Objections to any person serving as a judge must be submitted to the Chairman of the department in writing prior to making award, giving good and sufficient reasons therefore, and the Chairman shall report the matter immediately to the President.  An exhibitor attempting to interfere with the judge’s during the adjudications will be promptly excluded from competition.


Protests against an award must be made in writing, accompanied by affidavits, which must specify in full the ground for protests, and such a deposit of $10 to the Fair Board before the close of the day following the making of such an award.  In case the protest is not sustained, the deposit shall be forfeited to the Board.  The Board will notify the exhibitor of the protested animal or exhibit of such protest; and both parties will then have 24 hours to bring sworn testimony in the case to be submitted to the Board of Directors.  The protested award will be held in abeyance until the final actions of the Board of Directors passes on it. 


  1. Those with special permits will be the only one’s allowed to park inside the gate during the fair hours.

  2. If you have to feed livestock or stock booths, we ask that you do so before fair hours and then bring your vehicle outside the gate into the parking lot before the fairgrounds open to the public.

  3. No open or concealed carry allowed.

  4. No one will be admitted through the gate without paying admission unless they have a pass with them.

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