2021 Attractions & Shows


Sponsored by: Southampton County Fire & Rescue Association

The Firefighter Training Show plays off every childs curiosity to one day be a "Firefighter - Hero." 

The show allows volunteers from the audience, usually kids but we can use adults, to become our firefighter trainees(audience participation show). After being fitted in fire jacket and helmet the new trainees are introduced to the audience as their next generation of heroes and the volunteer firefighters are divided into two teams. 

When the alarm tones sound calling engine one to duty it's all trainees on deck.  Each firefighter trainee/team gets to complete the basic tasks at our simulated fire scene: laying out fire hose, attaching it to the fire truck and putting on a nozzle. Using a real fire extinguisher to squirt water at simulated flames in our smoke rescue building in hopes they can knock the flames out of the window putting out the fire then enter the smoke filled building to make a heroic style rescue, demonstrating how to crawl low under smoke.(we use an odorless, non-toxic, white smoke; smoke dissipates in about 1 to 3 minutes) The dialog between our fire chief the audience and the new trainees is riddled  with humor and educational information such as,  in case of fire  "Get Outside and Stay Outside" only firefighters attempt rescues. In between fire alarms the fire chief also introduces important fire safety lessons "Don't Hide,Get Outside" and "Crawl Low, Under Smoke".   

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Firefighter Show  Show Times:

Wednesday, August 11. 

6:00.   8:00


Thursday, August 12

6:00.     8:00


Friday, August 13

6:00.       8:00


Saturday, August 14

11:00.  1:30.  3:30.   6:00

Kidbuck$ Game $how


Coming to The Franklin Southampton County Fair located in Courtland, VA, August 11-14th,  is the Kidbuck$ Game $how. This show heaps up a laugh a minute and keeps you pumped up and participating. Young and old alike will love this show! 


A thrilling game show where randomly selected members of the audience participate in wild and crazy games. The winner gets to enter the Kidbuck$ chamber and grab as many “Kidbuck$” as possible as they swirl about the chamber. 


Catch the fun and excitement with showtimes daily!

Kidbuck$ Game $how Show time:

Wednesday, August 11

6:45.       8:30

Thursday, August 12

6:45.         8:30


Friday, August 13

5:30.        7:30.       9:00


Saturday, August 14

12:00.      2:15.        4:00.     5:30.     8:00

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