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The Griffin Lane Band

Clay and Nancy Griffin both have been performing for more than 40 years and together on stage for the past 27 years. Both reside in Smithfield, Virginia however both came from different musical backgrounds. Nancy has played all avenues of music, including country, rhythm & Blues and Pop genres, while Clay has stayed close to his Country and High Energy Country most of his life. They have always enjoyed performing, yet also relish rehearsal time and jamming in the studio with their band members and friends. Their close relationships make Griffin Lane what it has always been known for: Fun and Entertaining. 

Clay and Nancy Griffin's brand of Country, Soul and Classic Rock music echoes great summer-time vibes that make you want to turn it up, roll down the windows and sing your heart out!




Clay Griffin, The Virginia based singer-songwriter has been making waves with his strong, high energy voice for years within the Country Music arena. His delivery of the lyrics bring you to the point of sometimes feeling exactly what he is feeling within the content of the song. 

Growing up in small town, Smithfield, Virginia, Clay found himself singing Hank Williams, Sr. on the school bus at the age of 7 years old, however, he did not actually begin on stage performances until the age of 23. Self taught to be the lead and only vocalist for his first band, Southern Tradition that rocked Virginia and North Carolina for years performing mostly Hank Williams Sr, and Jr. along with David Allen Coe and many other country artists. 

Clay penciled an Album in the early 90's while fronting The Southern Tradition Band. Some of the area favorites off of the album were Salem, Va. and Gossip. When Clay and Nancy married in 1993 Griffin Lane band was born. Clay has opened for many Nashville National Acts over the years and has performed many times on Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee. He and Nancy share the stage these days to bring a unique show to the new and long time supporters of The Griffin Lane Band. 



Nancy grew up in a musical family, singing together from childhood, she learned the magic of melody and harmony intertwined. Throughout her life she has performed in a variety of venues all over the country; musical theater, country music and pop bands and combos, and in her church choir as a first soprano. Her vocal range and musical style spans a wide base, from Emmy Lou Harris , Wynonna Judd and Miranda Lambert to Aretha Franklin , Celine Dion, Ella Fitzgerald and more. She just plain loves to sing. Her dream and vision of sharing that love with her husband and their children has come to fruition and she and Clay enjoy their stage time together while professionally connecting with their audience in a homegrown, warm-country, crowd-pleasing style.  

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